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Buckets & Tubs

Buckets and tubs come in either 20, 25 or 100KG. We use the highest quality raw materials to bring a product that will work for todays farmer. High levels of chelated trace elements are used to ensure maximum performance of your livestock.

Energy Max

Soya based protein and high M/E levels along with high levels of mineral and trace elements make these products the perfect choice for extra energy when required. Perfect for the pre-lambing period when Ewes are at risk of Twin-lamb disease. Five percent Urea is added to help break down any fibrous roughage and in turn aid digestion. Salmon oil and Omega 3′s are included to increase general health and fitness. High levels of Vitamin E and Selenium have been shown to reduce hypothermia in lambs due to brown body fat being mobilised at birth. The inclusion of Omega 3′s help produce more Ambiotic fluid for easier lambing. Also available with Copper for cattle.

Pre & Post Tup

High levels of Di-calcium Phosphates help reduce re-absorption problems and tighten the lambing pattern. Selenium and Vitamin E promote good fertility and lamb numbers. Sucrose in the molasses to boost energy. Fed 4 to 6 weeks before and after tupping you can be sure your ewes receive the very best mineral and vitamin requirements to maximise your lamb crop.

4our Seasons

Rich in Magnesium for staggers and Phosphorous for fertility. Magnesium also improves both milk production and growth rates. High levels of chelated Selenium and Vitamin E, both important for fertility, growth rates and general health. Vitamin B12 is also included to improve feed conversion and live-weight gain. Also available with Copper for cattle.

Mag 4 Moo

Magnesium Oxide in a highly available molassed form for Suckler and Dairy cattle where there is a chance of grass staggers (spring and autumn). High levels of Copper, Selenium and Vitamin E for good fertility and general health.

Northern Zinc*

Chelated Zinc can help reduce foot problems by hardening the hoof, Sulphur and Iodine can also help reduce the risk of Orf. High levels of Calcium for good bone structure and strength. Selenium and Vitamin E aid both growth rates and fertility with Vitamin B12 also included to improve feed conversion and liveweight gains.

Pre Calver*

Specially formulated to guard against milk fever and aid cows and heifers leading up to calving with plenty of Iodine for easy calving and to get the calf suckling quickly.

Bloomin-Gold Horse Licks

Packed with the highest specification nutrients. 16% oils and Omega 3′s. Menthol and Eucalyptus to help keep airways clear. Ideal for giving extra bloom and finish.

*Also available with ‘Flyaway’

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