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Protein Concentrates

Northern Nutrition supply a full range of Protein Concentrates, specially formulated to balance cereals and other forage based feed sources. Using a blend of the best quality ingredients, for both cattle and sheep, the MegaMix range of premium proteins is suitable for feeding, fattening and finishing livestock. Showing favorable benefits for daily live weight gain and profit margins.


The MegaMix range of Protein Balancer’s are protein rich feed supplements formulated for all livestock and specifically useful towards increasing daily live weight gain. Quality blends of protein sources include Hi-Pro Soya, natural proteins and Urea to deem the MegaMix range a favourable compliment to any ration, cereal mixes, TMR’s or top dressing.

Omega 3 Marine Oils

Unique blends of high energy oil and Omega 3 fatty acids used within the MegaMix range, include blends of Salmon Oil, Cod Liver Oil together with protected fats, contributing towards all the known health benefits, excellent coat/skin condition, bloom and finish.

Biosprint Live Yeast

The specific, fully approved Live Yeast Biosproint, used throughout the MegaMix range, proving beneficial for rumen function and appetite stimulation to help reduce potential problems associated with feeding high cereal diets and so gain profitable production.

Minerals, Trace elements & Vitamins

The MegaMix range includes a balanced source of the major essential minerals, trace elements and vitamins, incorporating protected Zinc for maximum availability, enhanced hoof structure and reduced lameness. High Calcium levels contributing to maximum bone growth and a full package of minerals, trace elements and vitamins.

MegaMix 60

High quality 60% protein inclusion blend, for cattle, for feeding, fattening and finishing. Useful for suckler cattle, stores and finishing beef cattle, fast growing beef cattle in particular. With the favourable benefits of:

  • Hi-Pro Soya included, helping towards flesh development and aiding feed conversion rates overall
  • Good levels of Omega 3 marine oils which helps towards excellent finish and skin condition
  • Biosprint live yeast inclusion with all its proven benefits
  • MegaMix 50

    Specially formulated mix of 50% protein inclusion. Contains Hi-pro Soya, natural proteins and Urea to enhance the digestibility for both cereals and forage based diets, for both cattle and sheep.

    MegaMix 40

    A useful supplement for fattening lambs and young calves as it does not contain Urea. Does not contain copper so can be fed to both cattle and sheep.

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