Thrivade Vitamin Drench

Thrivade Nutritional Supplement Drench for Sheep and Cattle

Thrivade Nutritional Maintenance Drench from Northern Nutrition…

Thrivade Mineral Drench for Sheep and lambs
Thrivade is a uniquely formulated drench…

…of quality high-performance, fast acting multi-vitamins, chelated trace elements and minerals.

Our innovative technology allows a range of essential nutrients to be bonded to the rapidly absorbed energy base. As a result, nutrient uptake is accelerated in the animal ensuring ruminant livestock fed Thrivade receive a surge of energy and nutrition shortly after administration. The highly available energy source in these products becomes an extremely effective carrier of Vitamins, amino acids and minerals – allowing these vital supplementary nutrients to be absorbed much more quickly into the bloodstream. Trials have shown that 50% are absorbed into the blood within 30 minutes of feeding to the animal.

Thrivade can be used routinely all year round for PREMIUM overall livestock conditioning!

  • Thrivade aids performance
  • Thrivade is suitable for all livestock
  • Multi-Vitamins, Minerals and CHELATED Trace Elements
  • Includes Oil Protein Amino Acids
Nutritional Supplement Drench for sheep

Thrivade helps towards:

  • Nutritional maintenance for:
  • Increased FERTILITY
  • Higher CONCEPTION rates
  • Tighter LAMBING-TIME
  • STRONGER lambs with increased survival
  • ENERGY Boost
  • All-round GROWTH & Well-Being